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Welcome to our 2015
Another Great year is almost here. It's time to sign up for yearly membership.
You can stop in at Best Western or at Cycle City in Escanaba to sign up.

You're being asked by the club to stop in and sign up early. We would like to do this before race day so we can start the day on time. If we have to wait and sign up new members it will take away from our racing day.
Sign up early, do it today.

Peanut has been drilling holes to see how the ice is doing. Soon he's going out to cut in the new track. Be sure to keep off the ice and away from the track. Watch out for others who don't know why the track is there.
See you again soon on the ice!










Do you need Photos, check out ....> Race One Online!

Check out Jordan Ives Racing

Great Lakes Ice Racing proudly features modified cycles racing on a quarter mile oval track on a frozen river. Many hours of hard work by members of our club are needed to groom the icy surface to allow bikes with special studded tires to compete in an exciting environment unlike any other. Jordan Ives
Both studded and non-studded quads race the track and test both the riders ability to setup and race their studded ATV's as well as the finesse required to maneuver a non-studded ATV on glare ice. Also 4X4 and three wheeled machines can be seen competing in events that provide a unique racing and viewing opportunity for all to enjoy. GLIR logo
A Micro-Sprint car is a miniature Sprint Racer powered by a sport bike engine. High speeds and close competition complete the spectrum of racing from youngsters on mini-bikes to die hard adrenaline junkies pushing the limits of themselves and their machines to the very edge. Whether racing or viewing the races are an enjoyable event for the whole family.  
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Race Driven
Kold Kutter  









































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Great Lakes Ice Racing

2635 Ludington Street
Escanaba, MI 49829

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